Readers for the Blue Moon Expo and Psychic Fair, Dallas, Texas


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Below are pictures and biographies of some of the readers that will appear at the

Blue Moon Psychic Fair & Holistic Expo


Please call ahead and book appointments with the readers. 


Gary Champion, psychic medium

Gary Champion, Psychic Medium



     Hello I'm Gary Champion.  Welcome to my website.  I am a psychic medium in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.  All psychic mediums know that life never ends. The body may cease functioning but the spirit lives on. With help from those who have passed almost anything can be revealed in a psychic medium reading.  Over the years I have learned to trust what I get and pass it on to others in the hopes of helping them.      



tracey escobar

Tracey Escobar

The Red Couch Medium

 Tracey is an Intuitive, Medium, and Reader/Creator of “Messages from Above” a Spirit guided Oracle Deck.  She has attended the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship in England, completed a mentorship program with Medium Colby Rebel of California, and she had obtained Level 3 Psychic Certification from Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. 

Tracey can share messages with you from a loved one that has crossed over, as well as give compassionate, honest, intuitive messages to aid her clients in the areas of relationships, career, legal issues, health, and finances.  Tracey’s specialty is “Bringing Heaven to Earth”.



trudy evans

Trudy Evans - Psychic Reader/Metaphysician

Began psychic readings in 1977 in Dallas, Texas. I do readings locally and all over the world via email and phone. I use regular playing cards and intuition.  I also teach classes on various helpful subjects including meditation and affirmations, financial abundance and relationships. Hypnotherapy is one of my offerings for weight loss, relaxation and success.

972-690-9408 or 214-498-5449

claudia escomilla

Claudia Escamilla, 

Tarot, Oracle and Z-board Intuitive Reader

Born and raised in the northern part of Mexico.  Perform readings both in English and Spanish. Claudia is the great-granddaughter of a Mexican Curandera (healer). Since an early age, she has received messages from spirit. Her passion is doing card reading to help people come in to their power and find the answers they are seeking. Whether you have question about Relationships, Career, Finances, or what the future holds; Claudia is able to pull messages through her cards to provide you with the Aid you need.    


terri groom

Terri Groom

Channeled Messages, Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Teacher and Author


I believe my role in this lifetime is to serve others and try to do my part to create a better experience, whether it be through my channeled messages, my empathic healing abilities or even my own personal life experiences. I am so grateful to be able to share with you my gifts. The universe has so much to offer each of us. Come join me as we work together as a spiritual team to help you to live the life you were meant to have.


helyn kataras

Helyn Kataras - Angel Cards


Helyn is an Angel card practitioner. She is clairesient and can feel the angels around her and works with Arch Angel Michael, who is the Highest of the Archangels. Combined with her intuitive nature, she is able to spiritually guide and confirm situations happening through the reading. The Angels wish to assist, and she is happy to validate their presence.


mike kurban

Mike Kurban

Mike Kurban has over 40 years of experience as a psychic, medium, numerologist, medical intuitive, past life. Mike was the producer and host of Chicago's
only psychic television show 13 years and 12 years hosting and producing Celebrity Stars in Las Vegas.

norma kreig

Dr. Norma Kreig  


Dr.Norma Kreig has practiced tarot for 30 years. She is an intuitive spiritual counselor and teacher who helps her clients with vocational, relationship, financial and spiritual matters. She is an Interfaith Minister with a Doctorate in Divinity.  She promotes possibilities and creative thinking over Doctrine and Dogma. She helps her clients live in higher frequencies where things manifest more easily and true purpose and joy is realized. 



Briya Luna.

Cell 214-397-7768, Email

Empath, Clairvoyant, Dream Progression, Tarot and Candle Work

English/ Spanish
Empathy and clairvoyance have always been very natural for me.
Dream Progression was taught to me by my Father.  My goal is to help other people reclaim their spiritual strength by shedding light on their questions and concerns while using my natural given gifts and other tools such as tarot and candles.  Empatía, clarividencia, progresión del sueño, tarot y trabajo con velas.  Ingles Español  La empatía y la clarividencia siempre han sido muy naturales para mí.  Progressin de suenos me lo enseñó mi Padre.
Mi objetivo es ayudar a otras personas a recuperar su fortaleza espiritual arrojando luz sobre sus preguntas y preocupaciones mientras uso mis dones naturales y otras herramientas como el tarot y las velas.


colette mccallister

Colette McCallister, Astrologer - Tarot cards


Born in Paris, France; an astrologer and a tarot card reader with a following of clients from all over the world

kathy minier
Kathy Minier - Psychic

972-406-0080 office 

World known veteran psychic of 43 years.  Psychic for PlayBoy ClubDallas, and worked with police departments.  Nationally renown psychic, subject of over 44 major news stories. 





      Eileen Stafford Eileen is a descendant of the Black Douglas Clan in Scotland and channels her ancestors as she interprets the Tarot Cards. She is also a 2nd generation Palm Reader and for over 28 years she has counseled clients with a Medium Touch.  Eileen  has  worked numerous amounts of Psychic Fairs in the DFW area as well as the "Magic Time Machine" restaurant in Addison. In her sessions she receives detailed information on her client pertaining to their personal situations dealing with, work/career, relationships, love, finances, big decisions & their overall health situation. Through the cards She is able to offer guidance to help guide her client to the best possible outcome.   Her  palm readings are very unique and are a perfect tool to better understand each specific client and give them more insight on the life they were destined to live. Eileen has a great following that she has maintained for many years. 

shanna tippit
Shanna Tippit
Angel, Spirit, and Soul Readings

I have been able to see spirit from the early age of 6 and my abilities have grown and evolved over the years to include Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and the newest being able to smell spirit. I saw my first angel in my twenties then later evolved to seeing other people's angels. I work primarily with Arch Angel Raphael and Arch Angel Michael along with my guides. I am certified with Doreen Virtue for both angel card and fairy card readings. Along, with being a reader I am a Reiki Master and work with crystal healing during my reiki sessions.


alethea smith

Alethea A. Smith
Office: 770 545 3806| Mobile: 770 545 3806


Alethea Anne is an intuitive psychic and life path counselor. Utilizing her extensive experiences with numerology, astrology, and tarot, Alethea will uncover your current life challenges in order to help you create the future you desire.

helen watson
Helen Watson,

Psychic Medium


     Hello my name is Helen. I was born and raised in Texas. I grew up in a household where astrology and fortune telling were practiced daily. Since then I have studied and practiced to perfect my psychic abilities. I am well practiced in astrology, fortune telling, healing crystals, candles, and numerology. I have been reading cards (my specialty) for 40 years. I have clients who have been returning to me for numerous years.

     My readings will reveal valuable insights into personal situations such as: Work, Business, Family matters, Love & Marriage, Buying & Selling Property, Legal Affairs, and Personal Relationships.

All readings will be held with total confidentiality.

mari weldon

Mari Weldon ~ Psychic medium, Empath, Forensic Psychic Artist.     972-334-0277

       Mari has been a spiritual intuitive, empath,  medium and has the ability to see, hear, smell, sense and communicate clearly with spirits since birth. These abilities, along with being a professional artist, were passed down from her grandmother, Betty Mari.

   During her readings, she sketches all the spirits present and the readee takes this sketch home to keep. This is a very different kind of reading as you will actually see what she sees.  She has the ability to burn in her mind's eye a spirit guide, angel, or any angelic presence and go home and reproduce this image on archival Bristol Board. Please see her website for prices separate from the reading sketch. 

      As both a psychic and a physical medium, Mari is able to bring your loved ones through in a way which validates they are present. Spirits work through her to relay information about how they passed, who they are sharing their time with on the other side as well as any healing messages they have to say to you.

 For entertainment purposes only